Wednesday, May 25, 2011


by Michael Montagne

The story of mathematically perfected economy™ begins not with the usual submission to the dupery we call economy. It begins in response to a high school teacher reciting the traditional introductory definitions of "inflation" and "deflation" as increases or decreases in circulation per goods and services — with the teacher in turn repeating the familiar, readily disproven assertion that circulatory inflation is the systemic cause of price inflation. In the dupery of a contemporary pseudo science wholly bereft of formal proof or theorem, circulatory inflation is not even distinguished from price inflation; and yet, according the readily disproven, mere assertion that circulatory inflation is the inseparable systemic cause of price inflation, "inflation" altogether is perpetually to be combatted to our ostensible benefit by an assumably equally destructive costliness in elevated rates of purported interest.

The very possibility of verifying or understanding these familiar assertions yet depends both on whether it is even possible for circulatory inflation to occur where promissory obligations are collateralized, as well as whether actual circulatory inflation indeed comprises a discernible mechanism which would always, uniformly result only in increasing costs of our own production to us, as opposed for intance to instead potentially sustaining a very obvious possibility of further industry and commerce — with this possible alternate effect itself dismissing circulatory inflation as causing price inflation, and with the reasonable expected proportions of this further sustained industry and commerce even inherently negating the purported incident of circulatory inflation itself. But how in fact then can truly self determined citizens of republics across the world either submit or pretend we understand that circulatory inflation indeed causes price inflation; and what are the ramifications of this mere assertion, which is even so readily disproven in the rhetoric questions we have just raised?

Remarkably little then do we regularly fathom how important it is to understand otherwise, for our long persisting submission to the lie of economy is no submission to economy at all. It is a submission instead to an irreversible escalation of artificial, wholly redundant costliness and dispossession by inherently, irreversibly, and therefore terminally multiplying falsified indebtedness in proportion to a circulation and remaining capacity for surviving industrial efforts to service debt, until we suffer the present unrecoverable failure. The inevitable failure of every such obfuscation of economy of course in turn is terminal, or unrecoverable, because any process which can succeed even in maintaining a vital circulation under the obfuscated currency upon which the ruse depends, can only assume further escalations of artificial indebtedness, however further beyond an already terminal sum of debt.

In the end of the brief, finite lifespan of every such obfuscation, merely for an implicit obligation to maintain a vital circulation by a perpetual escalation of further borrowing, we suffer an unwarranted sum of artificial indebtedness which exceeds the remaining, finite capacity to service debt; destroys credit worthiness to borrow further; and manifests indeed in the present, ever unjustifiable processes and conditions of terminal, unrecoverable failure. It is an indispensable obligation of every just and responsible citizen therefore, to understand both this unjustifiable, irreversible process and the obfuscation of currency upon which precipitates in it, for in no other way can we understand and unite upon an indispensable fact of one and one only absolute monetary solution. This of course then is the indispensable purpose of the material before you.

The proposition of a mathematically perfected economy™, of one and one only absolute solution to the categoric improprieties of today's terminal pretended economies, begins with a student's rhetorical questions, phrased and equating to mathematic proofs, 1) that on the contrary, however pretended economics or pretended economists might merely claim there is such a thing as circulatory inflation, nonetheless it is mathematically impossible to suffer inflation of a circulation where (as was taught) promissory obligations are merely collateralized. Furthermore, where circulation is compelled to come into existence as obfuscated debts subject to interest, 2) an implicit obligation to maintain a vital circulation exists in the fact interest and principal both are to be paid out of a circulation consisting at most of only some remaining principal; as a further consequence of which then, 3) so long as this implicit obligation must be fulfilled by borrowing principal and interest back into the general circulation, 4) the obligation to re-borrow principal makes it mathematically to pay down the sum of debt; and thus, 5) so long as interest must be borrowed back into circulation to maintain a vital circulation, a perpetual obligation to reflate the circulation perpetually increases the sum of debt in proportion to the circulation, by so much as periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt. Thus, as circulatory inflation cannot and does not even exist under the usual collateralization of promissory obligations, 6) in inherently and irreversibly multiplying indebtedness in proportion to a circulation or remaining capacity to service debt, interest therefore on the contrary is even the only possible systemic cause of price inflation, for the consequences of interest are the only systemic force under which industry must perpetually increase prices merely to maintain vital margins of solubility; and finally then, 7) that in perpetually multiplying artificial debt in proportion to a circulation or remaining capacity to service debt from a circulation, interest therefore even inherently precipitates in an inevitably terminal, unrecoverable failure of the subject system.

So as history as even already proven, every purported economy to which the usurped republics of the world are presently subject is no economy at all; each instead are unassented, unwarranted, and e inherently and inevitably imposes terminal, unrecoverable failure upon either hapless or unwitting subjects.


The purported economies are not economies at all. On the contrary they are the present lie of economy can only plunge the world into terminal (unrecoverable) failure

These hugely important fundamental proofs establish therefore not only that the lie of purported economy is terminal, but therefore that we are compelled to re-evaluate the assumed justifications of interest, or we perish under no more than a terminal system of exploitation.

This original material, now preserved by PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ was the original online monetary reform presence, not only of the eventual formal Internet, but in extensive electronic material made available in 1984, some ten years before the eventual Internet. In addition to our pioneering 1968 proofs of inevitable monetary failure under the present obfuscation of currency, and in in mathematic proofs that Reagan's designs for monetary rescue could only fail in computer models and documentation vital which had been provided to the first Reagan Administration in ongoing intercourse which, beginning with the 1979 presidential campaign, offered. In 1983 and 4, downloadables of the Reagan material were made available from academic bulletin boards ten years before the eventual Web.

Today, the original proposition of one mathematically perfected economy™ has been available electronically for some 30 years. Scores of thousands downloaded pre-internet Reagan material. A dozen years later, hundreds of thousands visited early-internet PFMPE™ pages monthly; and today, largely owing to negative integrity, the work before you is now the most plagiarized monetary proposition in history.

Owing to long-fought battles waged from the principles of the original work before you, literally millions of people across the world now take for granted that interest is inherently usurious in its generation of inevitably terminal sums of falsified debt; that interest is the fundamental and avertible cause of the present global monetary failure; and that neither can interest be justified in the present, purposed obfuscations of our currency. These propositions of the work before you alone are vital to understand. But an even larger, more important accomplishment of this work was to reduce all monetary phenomena to three categoric faults from which every responsible citizen can and will recognize a fact of singular monetary solution. Nonetheless then, for 43 years now, in its original 1968 proof of one and one only mathematically perfected economy™ this same material has remained the only necessary and conducive proposition of monetary solution in the world — just in part because its original thesis was so comprehensive that the faults of permutation were exposed and even conclusively invalidated by the very original proposition from which today's eleventh hour pretenders prolifically steal.

Time and scrutiny have now well endorsed and even indirectly focused on a fact that from its inception, mathematically perfected economy™ has plainly and conclusively been a singular integral solution of the potential categoric faults of any prospective monetary proposition. Its original propositions stand still even unchallenged by genuine mathematic science, for indeed the pattern of facts raised in its original theses of inevitable failure and singular integral solution are so plain and conclusive as to be nearly self evident to a union of comprehensive observations which nonetheless escaped preceding attempts to develop a genuine monetary science. The present lie of economy itself is nakedly preposterous just in a fact it is wholly bereft of formal proof and theorem. Thus, as opposed to the present pseudo science we ever erroneously call "economy," the present advent of mathematically perfected economy™ is distinguished by an accountable pattern of facts which are even inherently converse to the irresolute inertias of a dogma of a mere pseudo science. Moreover then, in conclusively answering the classic questions Franklin asked in "Nature and Necessity of a Paper Currency," the proposition of mathematically perfected economy™ indeed has no historic precedent.

Nothing then is more pressing for genuine advocates of freedom and self determination to understand today, than the elementary facts which prove a singular proposition of just economy, as nothing less than unity over one monetary justice will deliver us from both abuse of power, and from a public inability otherwise to distinguish, to establish, and to enforce effective self rule.

As much as governmental abuse and public incapacity are both destroyers of self rule, the irrefutable arguments of one mathematically perfected economy™ are the only hope for justice to ultimately prevail over our present, ever escalated and inevitably terminal injuries. Seeing people understand of course, that amidst a people fit to deliver the objects of self rule to themselves, indeed the only potential strategies to prevail in injustice are utterly vain, for deception and evasion can never emerge as victors of intelligent process.

But we are denied intelligent process. Thus we ourselves inject our only probability of failure if our own faulty appeals can be defeated as if they stood alone in their faults, for amidst the indifferent, established wrong regularly prevails by default. In this prospective failure of uncertain argument alone then exists the highest reasons to perceive and to abstain from permutation of a fact of singular solution, for the original and only standing fact of singular solution is both the only rightfully prevailing argument and the only undefeatable argument, particularly where we are confronted with a purposed denial of representation which imposes a privatization of the currency which can only precipitate in terminal defeasance and dispossession of a perpetually betrayed people.

In the simple facts of monetary justice, wisdom readily perceives a fact of one monetary solution. Indeed too, we should always expect capable people to unite upon a fact of singular solution, for in every resolution of justice, never is more than one boundary of behavior bereft of offense. There is always one justice. But the vital union we are to forge therefore vanquishes far more than terminal injury mounting in an inevitable global monetary failure, because to solve and in turn to eradicate the very means of the monumental crime before us is no less too than to eradicate a vast abuse of power which must destroy representation everywhere, to persist in terminal exploitation anywhere.

Wisdom must acknowledge too that never in all time has the present obfuscation of our currency been justified, for otherwise it would never have been necessary to impose the crime upon the world but for the very imposition's recognition itself that its purposed obfuscations are wholly unjustifiable. This of course is why the purported economies of the world were established not by genuine public assent, but always instead by political betrayal.

Nor then can today's purported banking systems ever rightfully be said to embody a veritably justified process of monetization or credit. So indeed too then, it is preposterous that free people submit to forcive borrowing of our own promissory obligations, not only because we ourselves are the real issuers, but because no purported banking system ever gives up lawful consideration in the creation of money which can rightly equate to the falsified debts which every purported banking system nonetheless claims from us.

Moreover, as every real creditor gives up property for an equivalent promissory obligation, and as every real creditor therefore is paid in full from the very outset of every equivalent promissory obligation only so long as the integrity of the resultant currency is maintained, the obligation of a promissory contract therefore is inherently instead to pay and to retire principal from circulation. Paid principal is in fact the monetary property of no one, for the very payment of principal nulls and voids its very original representation of value. A people capable of fitting self rule therefore are certainly in no need of purportedly borrowing what they in fact issue, and what is never even the rightful property of anyone but every actual creditor, as opposed to a falsely claimed (and not even priorly possessed) property of mere publishers of evidence of our promissory obligations to each other. The lie of the modern money changer is a mere ancient ruse, redundantly tempting fools to their own undoing.

But thus we cannot and do not borrow what does not even exist to be borrowed, at least too because it is physically and rationally impossible to do so. The very instruments we only purportedly borrow in fact instead then, are merely representations of the very instruments we issue. Rather than falsified debts to mere publishers of evidence of our promissory obligations to each other, promissory commitments comprise obligations simply to pay and to retire principal from circulation. We do not borrow money from banking systems. Never; for principal is never the rightful property of a banking system.

The purported, imposed banking systems of the world therefore merely publish evidence of our promissory obligations to each other, in turn laundering principal into their wrongful possession, and in turn further, soon multiplying this falsified debt into terminal indebtedness under an implicit obligation that unwitting subjects maintain a vital circulation by perpetually borrowing interest and principal back into circulation, which vital process of reflation perpetually increases a sum of artificial indebtedness by so much as periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt until we suffer terminal falsified indebtedness, terminal dispossession, and terminal defeasance — each and all of which, all the while, from any beginning, were wholly unjustifiable.

The ever preposterous and destructive lie that so many imposed banking systems are economy therefore, will succumb to diligent public concern, because a terminal obfuscation of currency is both the very purpose of purported banking, and the present cause of global desolation. At least because the indispensable course of humanity is to prevail over every such vast and destructive injustice then, every republic which makes itself capable of effective self rule will rise against the lies which are mutually exclusive to just reward and true free enterprise, to establish one universal, just economy. In that near day then, as the work before you prescribed more than 30 years ago, we can transform the imposed systems of exploitation into mathematically perfected economy™ not only immediately, but even virtually without cost.

Founders of the American experiment, as much as many before and since, sought to distinguish the very possibility of the implementation before us. That goal however, depends entirely upon a perfection of the process and life cycle of monetization. Given that achievement, the inevitable prize of actual, eventual economy would have comprised an immutable tokenization of value, comprehensive even of consumption of the remaining value of all represented property. This vital object therefore was incumbent upon veritable, just economy from the very advent of tokenized or monetized trade. Yet however shy our predecessors may have fallen short of these indispensable goals, not only did no prior historic proposition conclude in facts or even arguments for a comprehensive, perpetual solution; on the contrary, as a consequence, the world suffered both the terminal faults of compromised propositions and even the inevitably terminal failure of the still uncontested faults of the present obfuscation of promissory obligations. Having veritable proof of solution, we today therefore will be chastened by future history, only failing to achieve representation even when we were so well armed with irrefutable argument.

In 1968, in negotiating the preposterous pseudo science we so erroneously call "economy," the original work before you proposed mathematic proofs, a) that any purported economy subject to the present obfuscations of our currency, inevitably produces its own unrecoverable failure under terminal sums of perpetually escalated artificial indebtedness; and b) that there is one and one only integral solution for the potential categoric faults of any prospective monetary proposition. Together, these propositions not only prove a fact of one and one only mathematically perfected economy™; they proved from their very inception that we must adopt mathematically perfected economy™ immediately, both to avoid and to rectify the injustices of inevitable monetary failure, precipitated indeed by the present obfuscation of our currency.

In 1979, the same material further proposed to the Reagan Campaign, c) a proof of one and one only means of justly transforming the present systems of exploitation into mathematically perfected economy™, not only immediately, but even virtually without cost.

Further proving a derived power even to project inevitable failure, d) in 1983 and 4, fully documented computer models were provided to the Reagan Administration, which original models were capable of calculating the maximum possible lifespan of any purported economy in which promissory obligations are obfuscated into falsified debts to a purported banking system, ostensibly justifying a further and even more destructive crime in which the falsified debts are subjected to the unwarranted imposition of interest. Accurate projections are produced by these applications, by no more than maintaining a targeted circulation under the aforesaid implicit obligation to borrow serviced interest and principal back into circulation, as necessitated by the subject obfuscation. By no more than replicating an obligatory, perpetual escalation of inevitably terminal borrowing then, these models projected in 1983 and 4 that the present lie of economy would fail, even globally, at approximately 2010 AD.

President Reagan, who certainly was never a credible monetary theorist, and whose negative record of public indebtedness and monetary failure exceeded every prior administration in the usual wake of offering hollow promises to the contrary, impotently chose simply to casually dismiss these veritable findings even as the projections of these vital models clearly manifested everywhere around him. In response therefore to presidential ineptitude sustained by no more than evasion, even as administration insiders advocated our conclusively argued facts of inevitable failure and singular integral solution, documentation of the concurring theses, complete with model binaries and source code was made available from academic sites some ten years before today's formal Internet.

Today, subject to such prolific plagiarism, it is more important than ever that we carefully distinguish between the careless imitations of eleventh hour pretenders and an original, irrefutable proof of singular solution. Judge for yourself whether from its very inception, the work before you would always have proven itself the only credible monetary thesis even to this very day. Today too then, in accounting for perpetual betrayal, PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ sponsors the only plausible vehicle for establishing that one solution in a global mandate for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™.

As time has already told, we will never live in monetary and political justice if we refuse to establish and to preserve both ourselves.